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Bat Bat

Bats play an essential role in the balance of nature--eating millions of insect pests nightly and pollinating hundreds of different types of plants. Yet unfounded superstitions and fear, plus the destruction of their habitats, are endangering many species of bats the world over.

Focusing on Tad, a Mexican free-tailed bat, this engaging photo essay examines a unique group of winged mammals. the clear text and forty up-close full-color photographs highlight bats' unusual physical characteristics and present a fascinating view of their day-to-day life and behavior.

Bat is an informative--and informed--view of these amazing night fliers.

Book notes

Bat is one of 22 titles in the series of animal books by Caroline Arnold, illustrated with photographs by Richard Hewett, published by Morrow Junior Books between 1987 and 1996 now available as digital books on Amazon.

Now available as a digital book
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