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Bobcats Bobcats

Bobcats are small wild cats that are distinguished by their tufted ears and short "bobbed" tails. Beginning readers will learn about the life cycle of these natural born predators and how they are adapted for survival in a wide variety of habitats

BOBCATS is an Early Bird Nature Book.


With full-color, breathtaking photos and easy-to-read texts, each book in this series describes the life cycle of a plant or animal. Special features--such as a table of contents, chapters, glossary, and index--introduce newly independent readers to the wonder of reading. A special note for adults to help reading be an interactive experience makes these titles especially useful for classrooms, preschools, reading hours, and Chapter One programs.

Book notes

Bobcats will be published by Lerner Publications, the parent company of Carolrhoda Books, a publisher that I have worked with since 1982. With this book Dick Hewett and I continue our long collaboration together but in a new format for younger readers. For many years I have heard from teachers and librarians that there is a need for more books about animals for the primary grades so with Bobcats and several others we will do for the new Lerner EarlyBird Nature series we will try to fill this gap.

Appraisal (Fall 1994)

"Early Bird Nature Books are beautiful and useful resources for students interested in animals and unusual plants.... [They are] thorough, well-written, and extremely interactive.... The text doesn't shy away from technical discussion but presents it in an easily understood manner. The complexity of the subject is developed slowly as new words and concepts are introduced throughout the book."