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Geography: Activities for Exploring, Mapping and Enjoying Your World Geography: Activities for Exploring, Mapping and Enjoying Your World

The Geography Book provides kids with a world of exciting new ways to learn about geography. Kids will learn about latitude and longitude, three-dimensional and historical maps, and weather and climate while stretching the globe, playing Find the Buried Treasure, making islands in a tub, creating sand pictures, and more. Filled with forty creative hands-on activities both to do alone and with friends, The Geography Book gives kids an opportunity to discover the amazing place we call Earth. Related facts, a glossary and additional reading also make this a good book for the classroom. For grades 3-7.

The author's experience as an artist and working with children provided the inspiration for many of the projects in the book. A personal fascination with geography and the world we live in has been the motivation for many of the books she has written for children.

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  • See Spider Magazine (August 2003) for a reprint of the project, "An Earthquake in a Box," from The Geography Book.
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    Booklist, American Library Association

    Arnold offers a hands-on introduction to geography in this large-format volume of activities for children. Divided into five thematic sections, the book leads children to explore topics related to maps, land formations, water, and weather. A typical two- or three-page entry comprises an introductory discussion, a list of supplies, and step-by-step instructions for carrying out the project. Illustrated with simple line drawings, the suggested activities include making a relief map, creating a solar water heater, and building a model of a dam. A glossary and a bibliography are appended. Clearly written and illustrated, this book provides practical ideas for middle-grade geography and science fair projects as well as classroom and home-school activities.

    School Library Journal

    This well-organized title explores basic concepts in a clear and interesting fashion. It discusses a number of different types of maps and will serve as a great tool for demonstrating a variety of geographic concepts (landforms, bodies of water, weather, and climate). Each two- to three-page chapter addresses a different topic ("The Magnetic Poles," "Weather Maps," "The Continents") and includes an activity or experiment that will allow readers to extend their understanding through concrete application. A list of necessary materials and step-by-step instructions for each activity are provided. Sidebars provide additional information. Clear black-and-white illustrations support the text and activities and the glossary is comprehensive. This title will provide support to geography lessons and suggestions for science-fair experiments.