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Giant Shark: Prehistoric Super Predator Giant Shark: Prehistoric Super Predator

In a warm ancient sea more than two million years ago, a huge, deadly creature lurked beneath the waves. Propelling itself with its powerful body and tail, this enormous fish cruised the depths like a giant living torpedo. Its gaping jaws were big enough to swallow objects the size of a horse and were lined with razor-sharp teeth as big as your hand. In a single bite it could rip apart huge hunks of flesh. This fearsome predator was megalodon, the giant big-tooth shark. Now extinct, it was the biggest predatory shark that ever lived. Find out about megalodon and the other ocean dwelling animals of the prehistoric world in this large format book beautifully illustrated with detailed watercolor paintings.

You can see photos of megalodon fossil teeth and jaws and learn more about megalodons ancient and present day relatives in Caroline Arnold's book,Watch Out for Sharks (Clarion, 1991.)

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Prizes and Awards
  • Selected for the California Collection, Elementary (
  • Excellent 2001 Choices of Trade Books for Grades K-9 by Marilyn Carpenter, Ph.D., Eastern Washington University
  • Resources
  • Learn more about the Calvert Marine Museum and its model of a megalodon skeleton at