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Giraffe Giraffe

When Easter was born at the Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Park in Jackson, New Jersey, the infant giraffe was six feet tall and weighed 150 pounds. By the time he reaches maturity in seven years, he will have grown to over fifteen feet--his neck along will measure more than six feet long. Like the wild giraffes that inhabit the grassy plains of central and southern Africa, Easter is uniquely adapted to his native environment.

This lively photo essay introduces young readers to the tallest of all land animals. A clear text and forty extraordinary full-color photographs highlight the giraffe's unusual physical features and present a fascinating view of its day-to-day life and behavior, both in captivity and in the wild.

Informative and engagingGiraffeoffers a close-up look at this gentle giant of the African plains.

Book notes

Giraffe is one of 22 titles in the series of animal books by Caroline Arnold, illustrated with photographs by Richard Hewett, published by Morrow Junior Books between 1987 and 1996 now available as digital books on Amazon.

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