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Noisytime Noisytime for Zoo Animals

Now available on Amazon as an e-book.

Noisytime for Zoo Animals is one of six books in a series about how zoo animals eat, sleep, play, bathe, have babies, and make noise. The photographer, Richard Hewett, and I spent many hours at zoos watching animals and waiting for just the right moment to take a picture. It is important to have LOTS of patience when photographing animals. You can't ask an elephant to "just turn a little more this way, please"! Even though the photos look as if we were close to the animals, we were always safely on the other side of a fence or inside a vehicle. Richard used a telephoto lens to make the animals seem close-up. While he took pictures, I watched and listened to the animals and took notes that later helped me to write the book.

NOISYTIME FOR ZOO ANIMALS is a Carolrhoda Zoo Animals Book. With full-color, breathtaking photos and easy-to-read texts, each book in this series is ideal as an early reader or to read aloud to preschool age children.