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Who is Bigger? Who is Smaller? Who is Bigger? Who is Smaller?

Fold-out Fun for Tots!

Pull it out–see them all! Close it up–make it small!

Compare the sizes of seven familiar farm animals in this brightly colored board book for preschoolers. Four inch square accordian folded pages are the perfect size for little hands and can be turned like a book or expanded to make a small stand up mural.

A mouse, cat, dog, pig, sheep, cow and horse are shown side by side from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.

This book is illusrated with cut paper art.

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  • Reviews
    Publishers Weekly, August 2, 2004

    A pair of accordion-fold, cardstock books helps youngsters understand size and numbers. Who Is Bigger? Who Is Smaller? shows farm animals of ascending sizes on one side, then their descending sizes on the other, from a mouse to a horse and back again. Who Has More? Who Has Fewer? adds a fun wrinkle: each bird pictured has one more egg than the previous; on the book's reverse, the number of baby birds, now hatched (from the eggs on the flip side), decreases.

    Liz Rosenberg, Boston Sunday Globe, July 2004

    These ingenious concept books fold into their own bright little slipcase. Read them one way, and you move from smaller to bigger, fewer to more. Turn the book around the other way, accordian style, and everything begins to move the other way again. It's simplicity itself--no more than a few words on each sturdy page, the weight somewhere between a paper and board book, flexible but not easily destroyed by little hands. Arnold's images are elegantly simple, and the colors are lemon yellow, grass green, violet, sky blue, and sunny gold. The books are child-size, lightweight, and, thanks to the slipcover, easily portable. They're a perfect choice for cribs, car seats, and strollers