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Zebra Zebra

Far away in Africa, thundering herds of wild zebras roam over the dry, grassy plains. But Punda has never seen his native land. The young plains zebra was born at the Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Park in Jackson, New Jersey, and lives in a large, open-air enclosure with other grass-eating animals. Unlike zebras in the wild, he will always have enough to eat and will never be threatened by poachers and other dangerous hunters.

This engaging photo essay follows the day-to-day life, habits, and plight of this fascinating animal, both in captivity and in the wild.

Filled with thirty-nine captivating full-color photographs, Zebra offers children a close-up look at this beautiful horse of the African plains.

Book notes

Zebra is one of 22 titles in the series of animal books by Caroline Arnold, illustrated with photographs by Richard Hewett, published by Morrow Junior Books between 1987 and 1996 now available as digital books on Amazon.

Now available as a digital book
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