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A Zebra's World A Zebra's World
Prizes and Awards
  • California Collection 2008 (California Readers)
  • Learning Magazine, Teachers' Choice Awards for Children's Books, 2009
  • Children's Projects

    Put Stripes on the Zebra

    A Zebra's World

    This project is good for 3-7 year olds. For a printable outline of a zebra and directions for the project click here.

    For a half hour video lesson on how to create a more detailed cut paper zebra picture,click here. The lesson, taught by Caroline Arnold and aimed at sixth graders, was broadcast on KLCS, a PBS station in Los Angeles. It is in three 9 minute segments.

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  • A Polar Bear's World
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  • A Zebra's World
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  • Reviews
    Library Media Connection, November/December 2006

    The first page in each of Caroline Arnold's Animals series begins with basic facts about the featured animal including where the animal lives, habitat, food, animal class, and scientific name. Beginning with a mother awaiting the birth of her young, each book tells about the baby and each stage of development until the baby is grown and able to be on its own. Vibrant whole-page cut-paper illustrations will fascinate young readers as they learn about the animals in A Killer Whale's World, A Zebra's World, A Penguin's World, and A Panda's World. Additional facts are given in sidebars with more information on each animal's growth, habitat, and unique characteristics. There is a map at the end of the book showing where the animal lives, as well as an index and glossary. Internet sites are listed for more information. This series would be wonderful for beginning research projects, as well as popular titles for young readers to explore. Recommended.

    Gillian Engberg, Booklist

    The Caroline Arnold's Animals series features striking paper collages, clear text, and a picture-book format.